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Student Development, Cultural and Alumni Affairs

Dr. Davood Dadashnezhad Delshad – Deputy Vice-Chancellor Student Development Affairs and Alumi

The core philosophy and mission of the Deputy of Students Cultural Affairs is to provide a secure environment for students participation, and through understanding expectations, this sector strives to meet the needs of students and promote their education, sports, welfare, and more. The deputy of Students Cultural Affairs is pioneer in planning and organizing the students’ welfare, livelihood, psychological and sport affairs and the provision of services to students.

Supervising the proper implementation of subsidiary bylaws and regulations, policymaking to improve and improve the situation, addressing students’ problems and problems, as well as determining general policies on welfare, nutrition, Housing, physical education, and counseling are the other duties of this department.

In order to achieve the Islamic Azad University goals and to advance its cultural and educational visions of the Islamic Republic of Iran, this sector plans and defines its activities. Students Cultural deputy paves the way for scientific growth of the students, educating their potentials in the form of cultural and artistic centers, student scientific associations, student organizations, publications, and cultural councils.

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