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Notes on the Capacity Completion for the Pharmacy students at Islamic Azad University

Entrance Exam 1398 (2019), at Islamic Azad University, Damghan Branch The results of the Capacity Completion at Islamic Azad University Entrance Exam 1398 (2019) was announced for Medical Sciences Majors

The candidates can reach website for their result reports by signing in their access code and identity code to see the results. The admitted candidates can visit the Islamic Azad University branches on Sunday, 1 October and Monday, 2 October to proceed their registration procedure. Not attending in the appointed time is construed as their registration withdrawal.

The reserved candidates should refer to their host Islamic Azad University branch and complete the form 15 and receive a receipt of their inclination for registration. On Tuesday morning, 3 October the candidates can visit the host Islamic Azad university branch, so that in case of opening in the registration list they can register based on their university entrance exam average score. Not attending in the appointed time is construed as registration withdrawal.

According to the statement of the Measurement and University Admission Committee, the Capacity Completion list at Islamic Azad University has been only released for Medical Sciences. This does not include the candidates of Mathematical and Technical Sciences, Humanities, Art and Foreign Languages exam. They can visit Results Announcement terminal and use their Bank card information refunding the registration fee. 

The Measurement and University Admission Center will release the announcement on the registration procedure, terms and documents on Saturday, 31 August in the website of the Measurement and Admission Center.

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