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Deputy Development, Human Resources and Bursar

Dr. Hamid Hashemi-Moghadam Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Development, Human Resources and Bursar

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Development, Human Resources and Bursar
    The university’s administrative and financial assistant plays a role in providing the factors and conditions for the optimal use of human and financial resources as well as helping to increase the efficiency and efficiency of different units in achieving strategic and macro goals of the university. One of the main tasks of the deputy is the development of management and resources for planning and policy in the field of administrative and financial system as well as human resource management in the form of organizational rules and regulations and organizational frameworks for the needs of the university. Accordingly, the most important and most important missions in this area are to emphasize and focus on the university’s macro-goals and outline strategic vision and goals and policies.

About Deputy of Development of Management and Resources

This deputy tries to achieve maximum efficiency in different sectors of the university in the shortest time and with the least cost and budgets.

Outline Development, Bursar and Human Resources

    Collaboration with the university’s president to better perform the duties of the university headquarters
    Addressing the university’s goals and how the workflows and methods work in different units.
    Establishing coordination between activities related to covered units and commenting on the resolution of existing problems.
    Supervising the proper implementation of all laws and regulations relating to the administration, employment, financial, and trading and legal affairs of the university.
    Participate in councils, commissions, meetings and commentary on various issues of administration, recruitment, financial, trading and legal affairs in the framework of regulations and preservation of university materials.
    Preparation and implementation of employee welfare plans with regard to university facilities.
    Cooperation with other departments and units of the university in order to fulfill its educational and research goals and its student.

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